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The European project Mnemosyne (H2020 ERA CHAIR), proudly announces its active participation in the highly anticipated DARIAH Annual Event 2023 held in Budapest. DARIAH, the European Research Infrastructure for the Humanities and Arts, gathered over 200 participants from 12 countries around the world, representing a diverse range of scholarly communities dedicated to digital methods and their application in the study of culture and society.

As a leading network of experts, DARIAH aims to enhance and support digitally-enabled research and teaching across the arts and humanities. Through its member countries, DARIAH fosters collaboration and provides essential infrastructure, tools, and resources to enable researchers in building, analyzing, and interpreting digital resources. By scaling up individual digital arts and humanities initiatives to a European level, DARIAH ensures that best practices, standards, and research outputs are shared and disseminated effectively.

Under the theme “Cultural Heritage Data as Humanities Research Data,” the DARIAH Annual Event 2023 offered a platform for engaging discussions, panel sessions, paper presentations, and interactive workshops. It aimed to explore the profound impact of data-driven research on cultural heritage collections and investigate new perspectives and workflows in the digital humanities field.

Highlighting the significance of this year’s event, the esteemed research fellows of the Mnemosyne project, Panayiota Samara, Elena Karittevli, and Andria Karaoli, played an active role in the conference. They delivered a captivating presentation entitled “How to Create Knowledge in Cultural Heritage Documentation: The Importance of High Quality Paradata and Metadata.” This session showcased the remarkable findings of the EU-Study on Quality in 3D digitization of tangible Cultural Heritage (VIGIE2020/654) and its practical application within the Mnemosyne project’s case studies.

The fellows emphasized the vital role of digitization in preserving and promoting tangible and intangible cultural heritage. Their presentation highlighted the rigorous scientific work conducted at the Digital Heritage Laboratory, supported by the ERA Chair Mnemosyne and the UNESCO Chair. The Mnemosyne project takes a holistic approach to protect and preserve cultural heritage through innovative methods and the implementation of advanced paradata and metadata techniques.

The DARIAH Annual Event 2023 provided an invaluable opportunity for researchers, institutions, and stakeholders in the digital humanities community to network, collaborate, and exchange knowledge. By participating in this prestigious event, the Digital Heritage Laboratory, alongside the Mnemosyne project, demonstrated its commitment to advancing the field and contributing to the ongoing dialogue surrounding the intersection of culture, data, and technology.

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