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When the Monuments begin to speak

A project for a single-stage Coordination and Support Action submitted
under WIDESPREAD-03-2017 – ERA Chairs



Mnemosyne is a project for a single-stage Coordination and Support Action submitted under WIDESPREAD-03-2017-ERA Chairs. Context Cultural Heritage is a strategic resource for Europe with high cultural, social, environmental and economic value. The era of Digital Cultural Heritage (DCH) is now well underway and the European research resource for DCH has grown significantly in recent years.

Cultural Heritage has a strategic resource for growth, job creation and a role to play for more cohesive and sustainable regions in the EU. The Digital Heritage Research Laboratory (DHRLab) at Cyprus University of Technology became a beacon in the Eastern Mediterranean and Europe through several key initiatives in DCH research training, innovation and policy coordination. MNEMOSYNE, will implement a research agenda, run a new Master Course focused on holistic DCH documentation and create a center of excellence on DCH by 2024.

The ERA Chair MNEMOSYNE in cooperation with the UNESCO Chair on DCH, the Erasmus+ ARTEST project, the CLARIN-ERIC, the ViMM+ Network and the CLARIAH-CY developed a special platform, which illustrates all the Master courses around the world in the area of Digital Cultural Heritage, Cultural Informatics, Digital Humanities and Digital Social Sciences. The platform is used as a key tool for all young persons, who want to develop further their career in the domain of Digital Heritage / Cultural Informatics.




Winter School 2022

Pictures from UNESCO and ERA Chairs joint Winter School 2022 on #CulturalTourism and #CulturalDiplomacy

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