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Lambousa to Showcase at TwinIT!

The 3D model of the MNEMOSYNE project’s case study of the Lambousa fishing vessel has been chosen to be showcased by the EUreaka3D project as part of final pan-European TwinIT! event to be held on 14th May, in the prestigious Berlaymont venue in Brussels.

The TwinIt! Campaign is an initiative of the European Commission, coordinated by Europeana, which invited all EU Ministries of Culture to liaise with their national cultural institutions to submit at least one 3D digitised heritage asset to the common European data space for cultural heritage. The campaign collected 3D digitized assets representing European cultural heritage at risk, including monuments, buildings, sites and various other types of heritage objects.

The event will have three main components: a high-level conference, expert panel discussion and a Twin it! interactive exploration Fair, which will present various stories from the most valuable projects supporting the Data Space and 3D digital heritage.

A double celebration for the venerable fishing trawler which retired from service 20 years ago in 2004 the same year that Cyprus joined the European Union as a full member. The MNEMOSYNE case study and work conducted by the DHRLab at CUT has holistically documented the Lambousa in partnership with the Municipality of Limassol and MPEC Marine Engineering overseeing the refurbishment of the vessel, due for completion this month. The Lambousa will become a permanent museum at Limassol harbour for visitors to explore and connect with the rich maritime and fishing history of Cyprus.

The programme for the TwinIT! event can be found here

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