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Bilateral Agreement – Memorandum of Understanding between UNESCO and ERA Chair on Digital Cultural Heritage and Heritage Malta

We are honoured and excited to announce that the Unesco and Era Chair on Digital Cultural Heritage of the Cyprus University of Technology and Heritage Malta have signed a Bilateral Agreement – Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This Bilateral Agreement – MoU aims to strengthen the already excellent collaboration in the field of cultural heritage education, documentation, preservation, and promotion, between the two organizations, in order to safeguard both our national and international history, cultural identity and memory. Moreover, this Agreement aims to enhance knowledge exchange and sharing of resources, as well as close collaboration between the two organizations, in order to promote future collaborative actions and joint international research projects in the field of digital cultural heritage.

Heritage Malta, acting as a “guardian  of over 8,000 years of history, is the national agency of Malta for museums, conservation practice and cultural heritage. With a portfolio that encompasses archaeological sites, baroque auberges and palaces, catacombs, forts, natural landscapes and UNESCO listed Neolithic monuments, Heritage Malta is the face of the Maltese Islands. More than simply advancing the stock of intellectual and cultural capital, the vocation of Heritage Malta is to offer a mirror to society through a heritage which is ‘Part of Us‘, because we are our history and this is our cultural identity. Every generation, monument, artefact, language, specimen, and celebration has a story to share. Heritage Malta ensures that these stories are preserved for posterity and are made accessible for everyone, everywhere to experience and enjoy.”

This extremely important partnership will enable the two organizations to create effective opportunities in the field of cultural heritage preservation for future generations, while it will also play a substantial role in bringing together Cyprus and Malta, two countries with rich history and culture, in order to address different societal challenges through the field of cultural heritage.

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