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Ancient baby bottles come back to life!

Under the Mnemosyne project these stunning rhyta objects have been digitized, 3D modeled and fabricated

Among other exciting things, the archaeological collection of George and Nefeli Tziapra Pierides of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation showcases unique animal-shaped vases of the Early and Middle Bronze Age, which demonstrate the inventive spirit and sense of humor of the Cypriot artist of this period.

According to researchers, these zoomorphic clay vases are funerary offerings, probably from Larnaca cemeteries that might have been used as feeding bottles! 

Three specific rhyta come definitely from the same pottery workshop and probably from the same craftsman.

Under the Mnemosyne project carried out by the UNESCO/ERA Digital Cultural Heritage Lab of the Cyprus University of Technology, these rhyta objects have been digitized, 3D modeled and fabricated. 

Of a great importance for the successful completion of this project was the assistance offered by Dr. Leonidas Ioannou and his team at the Ygia Polyclinic Private Hospital, Limassol. They specifically provided access to the X-ray tomography equipment. Our Lab is also deeply grateful to the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation which provided access to the museum objects.

Cultural assets of historical value need to be holistically documented to ensure their identity and long-term preservation, to define authenticity, to prevent illicit trafficking and to assist cultural heritage storytelling via new technologies, e.g., augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications.

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