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Mnemosyne team digitizes the unique Hermitage of Saint Neophytos

The impressive and unique Hermitage of Saint Neophytos in Paphos, Cyprus was digitized on Monday, May 29, 2023 under the team of the Digital Heritage Lab at the Cyprus University of Technology.

The Hermitage (“enkleistra” in Greek) of Saint Neophytos is one of the most celebrated Byzantine twelfth-century monuments worldwide, given the high quality and the unique iconographic program of its frescoes, encountered nowhere else in the Byzantine world, as well as the fact that the whole complex was cut in rock.

The monument is connected with an important intangible heritage. In fact, the community that was built and organized around Neophytos has been the center of intellectual production with strong connections to the Byzantine elites of the island and the capital of the Byzantine empire (Constantinople).

Saint Neophytos the Recluse (1134-ca.1214) is one of the most important Cypriot Saints and historic figures. He was a prolific writer who composed his biography, an account of the first years of the Latin conquest of the island, as well as several theological treatises. 

Using the methods of aerial and terrestrial photogrammetry and terrestrial laser scanning our interdisciplinary team of architects, historians, archaeologists, mathematicians, surveyor engineers and IT specialists commenced with the digitisation of this unique monument 

As always, the final aim is to ensure the long term preservation and protection of our world class cultural heritage. 

For more info, images and video visit this link.

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