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The Holy Cross church in Pelendri now digitised

Our multidisciplinary team has started the digital holistic documentation of the church of the Holy Cross in Pelendri village

Another very important medieval monument in the island of Cyprus and namely the church of the Holy Cross in Pelendri village is currently being digitised under our UNESCO and ERA chairs Digital Heritage Research Lab at the Cyprus University of Technology. The holistic digital documentation of the monument is taking place in cooperation with other multidisciplinary labs in our Faculty. 

The church of the Holy Cross in Pelendri village is one of the ten churches situated in the Troodos mountains range which are included in the World Heritage List by UNESCO.  It is built near the village cemetery and probably it has always been the cemetery church of Pelendri. In its present form, it is a three aisle church, with a dome, covered by a unified roof, a result of more recent renovations. 

The church is full of frescos of significant importance dating from the 12th to 16th centuries. Of particular interest are the scenes depicting the life of Panayia (the VirginMary). With the aim of the holistic documentation of this wonderful Byzantine Church in Pelendri Mnemosyne and eureka3d team members have initiated the research and documentation of the related literature to record the conceptual model of data.

Using the innovative and cutting edge methods of aerial and terrestrial photogrammetry and terrestrial laser scanning our interdisciplinary team of architects, historians, archaeologists, mathematicians and IT specialists commenced with the digitisation of this hidden gem.

The training activity and 2D/3D survey was in cooperation with the CUT Photogrammetric Vision Lab of Dr. Dimitrios Skarlatos, the Mechanical Design and Addictive Manufacturing Lab of Petros Siegkas and the Earth Observation Cultural Heritage Lab of Dr. Athos Agapiou.

The final aim is always to ensure the long term preservation and protection of our world class cultural heritage for future generations enjoyment and understanding.

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