Digital Heritage Research Lab

Panayiotis Panayiotou

Panayiotis is currently a PhD student at the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering in the University of Cyprus. His research interests are BIM (Building Information Modelling), Scan to BIM (Laser Scanning and Photogrammetry to BIM), Digital Reconstruction, and HBIM (Heritage Building Information Modelling).

In addition, Panayiotis recently participated at the 1st International Conference on Digital Architecture Research (DARe), which took place at Bialystok University of Technology in Poland on 1st to 3rd of March 2023. He presented his article with the title “A Scan-to-BIM Methodology for Digital Reconstruction of Timber Structures”, which will be published on May 2023.

Along with his studies, he has experience in Teaching and as Research Assistant at the University of Cyprus. His teaching duties included the support for an existing class related to advanced architectural software tools. Moreover, his research experience relate to his participation as a co-author with his supervisor Dr. Odysseas Kontovourkis, for a chapter titled “Machine Learning to Classify and Predict Design and Fabrication Solutions of Architectural Prototypes Driven by Sustainable Criteria” published by Springer International Publishing for the book “Advances in Product Design Engineering”.

He also worked as an Architect for an office based in Limassol. Throughout his time in practice, he gained experience in Architectural Design, Technical Design and BIM (Building Information Modelling). He was involved in a variety of residential, commercial and public projects which were designed with the usage of BIM software (Autodesk Revit). In addition, he has an experience in tutoring architects and architecture students for the usage of Autodesk Revit. The tutorials included the creation of BIM models from concept design up to technical details. He is also a registered member of ETEK (Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber).

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