Digital Heritage Research Lab

Ioannis Panagi

Short Bio

Ioannis Panagi is a professional with a strong educational background and diverse skills in architecture and building restoration. He holds a BSc in Renovation and Restoration of Buildings from the Higher Technological Educational Institute of Patras and a Diploma in Architecture from Frederic University of Technology. His areas of specialization include Photogrammetry, HBIM, and e-Documentation of buildings, which he gained through his experience at the CY Department of Antiquities.

He has expertise in traditional and vernacular structural design, allowing him to understand the original context in which these buildings were constructed. This knowledge ensures that any restoration work remains true to the original design. He is also well-versed in archaeological surveys and 3D laser scanning, enabling him to capture detailed information about historical structures.

Ioannis is a researcher at the UNESCO and European Research Area Chairs on Digital Cultural
Heritage within DHRLab of the Cyprus University of Technology, where he is expanding his expertise
in the field of digital heritage and cultural informatics.

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