Digital Heritage Research Lab

Gunnar Liestøl

Directs the SitsimLab–research, which has particular focus on digital genre design and mobile locative media (mobile augmented reality). The Sitsim–research has been funded by the VERDIKT-programme, Norwegian Research Council (The INVENTIO–project 2006-2011), EngageLab at Intermedia, University of Oslo and the Dept. of Media & Communication, University of Oslo (2010–), Norway Opening Universities (2010-11), The Arts Council/ABM-utvikling (2010-14), and the KLIMAFORSK-programme, Norwegian Research Council/Oslo Science Park (ClimSim-preproject 2013-2014), EU Interreg (CINE-Project and Cross Motion project), EU-Creative Europe Programme (Marebox-project), BitFROST, and EEA-Grant (Coastal Memory Fort-project).

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