Digital Heritage Research Lab

Drew Baker

Drew Baker is a Research Fellow and project manager within the Mnemosyne Project at The Digital Heritage Research Laboratory (DHRLab) at the Cyprus University of Technology.

He has worked extensively in the field of using ITC for 3D visualisation and interpretation of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage since 1997. He has worked on a wide range of projects from the digital reunification of looted frescoes from Pompeii to reconstructing heritage sites destroyed by conflict and cultural vandalism, and from the educational and performative potential of virtual worlds to artistic collaborations based on Digital Humanities research.

His work on paradata and transparency within visual-based scholarly research for cultural heritage led to the creation of The London Charter for The Computer-Based Visualisation of Cultural Heritage and best-practice guidelines for 3D visualisation creation, preservation and reuse within virtual museums and educational virtual worlds.

His primary area of interest is in how emerging technologies and methods can be used to engage stakeholders and audiences with Cultural Heritage through digital transformation and experiential learning, the process of developing such environments and interactions and the long-term preservation of Digital Cultural Heritage.

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