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Resolution for the Parthenon Marbles

Participants at the H2020 ERA Chair MNEMOSYNE final event unanimously adopted Greece’s resolution on the return and the reunification of the Parthenon marbles to its rightful owners.

Greece has been campaigning for many decades for the return of its cultural heritage, including most notably its Parthenon Marbles, which are being held by the British Museum.

The Marbles were removed from Athens 200 years ago by Thomas Bruce, seventh Earl of Elgin and transported to Great Britain. They were part of a frieze that wrapped around the Temple of Athena in the holy hill of the Greek capital.

In 1816, the British Parliament voted to purchase the Marbles and they now reside in the British Museum. Despite years of efforts by the Greek Government to reclaim the Marbles, it has been unable to negotiate an agreement with its British counterparts to return the Marbles to Greece.

The cutting edge and EU funded work carried out at the UNESCO and ERA Chairs of the Digital Heritage Lab (DHRLab) at the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) is considered to be highly important not only for Cyprus but for the entire region of the Middle East as well as the European Union itself.

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