Digital Heritage Research Lab

Research Methodologies for Digital Holistic Documentation of Cultural Heritage

Conference Paper

EVA London 2023


 E. Argyridou P. Samara M. Ioannides M. Hadjathanasiou E. Karittevli I. Koulafeti I. Panayi K. Efstathiou


E. Argyridou, P. Samara and M. Ioannides et al. Research Methodologies for Digital Holistic Documentation of Cultural Heritage. 2023. DOI: 10.14236/ewic/EVA2023.33


The paper presents the remarkable results of the Horizon 2020 ERA Chair in Digital Cultural Heritage: Mnemosyne project at the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT), and is funded under the programme Establishing ERA Chairs. The research outputs concerning the implementation of 17 selected case studies together with the developed methodologies are summarized in this paper. Their holistic documentation is based on the outstanding results of the EU Study VIGIE2020/654 (Commission et al., 2022). The proposed holistic documentation lifecycle includes the following three broad thematic areas: (1) Data acquisition and data processing; (2) Semantic data modelling and Knowledge management, (3) Data long-term preservation and Data use and reuse.

Available from Science Open

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