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ANCHISE – ‘Applying New solutions for Cultural Heritage protection by Innovative, Scientific, social and economic Engagement’ aims at offering to European societies efficient methods, knowledge and toolkit to enhance the protection of cultural heritage against looting and illicit trafficking. Crossing the methodology of networking that has proved its efficiency in the H2020 NETCHER project with the innovative results of new technologies developments (3D/photogrammetry for site monitoring, data engineering and AI for border control object identification and heritage collection protection, spectral fluorescence signature for object authentication), ANCHISE will create an operational set of tools applicable for European contexts and replicable in other situations abroad. The aim of the project is to bring coordinated solutions to the key existing needs in the domain of Cultural heritage protection: 

  1. Understand, 
  2. Prevent, 
  3. Act, 
  4. Repair. 

ANCHISE will consist of: 

  1. a hub of social science, politics and economics (for in-depth results likely to lead to structural evolutions in heritage protection), 
  2. a large-scale evaluation of technologies and needs, 
  3. a toolkit of innovative solutions, 4) pilot experimentation areas (museums, border control, archaeological sites), and 
  4. a unique and wide network of practitioners. 9 demonstrations will involve at list 150 practitioners. 

Guidelines and procedures on the use of ANCHISES tools will be largely disseminated (INTERPOL, PANDORA, institutions in charge of cultural heritage). The Consortium is a strong partnership of leading stakeholders in the fight against illicit trafficking of cultural objects: 

  • Research Centers: FRAUNHOFER, ICCS, Cyprus Institute, 
  • Universities: French School at Athens, University Lyon-2, University of Poitiers, EUI Florence, Cyprus University of Technology, 
  • Practitioners: France’s National Police College, ICOM, and 
  • Associations: Michael Culture.
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