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Digital 3D reconstruction of late geometric Euboean skyphos

Such skyphoi like the ones in pictures have been found in fairly large numbers in Cyprus, especially in tombs in the south coast of the Amathus region. It seems that ancient Cypriots were very fond of the Euboean drinking cups, especially during the Cypro-Archaic I period and they also produced them locally. 

The specific skyphos which are being digitized at our lab belong to the pottery collection of the Pierides Museum – Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation.

H2020, MNEMOSYNE Unesco Chair on Digital Cultural Heritage Cyprus University of Technology research group has focused on the digital reconstruction of the late geometric Euboean Skyphos using photogrammetry.

Our team members have also done the research and documentation of the related literature to record the conceptual model of data, aiming on the holistic documentation of the skyphos.

Director of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation and Curator of the Museum, contributed to the collection of all relevant information and historical and other data. 

Additionally, in association with Dr. Theodore Ganetsos from the University of West Attica, the non-invasive technologies of XRayFluorescence, spectroscopy and XRayRaman spectroscopy, which enable the identification of traces of colors in the objects under study, were used to analyze the chemical composition of the objects. 

The object was digitized using photogrammetry in combination with various other data acquisition methods to determine the object’s material and colors. 

For more info, images and video you can visit this link.

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