Digital Heritage Research Lab

DHRLab Achieves Research Activity Award

The UNESCO Chair on Digital Cultural Heritage at the Cyprus University of Technology has been distinguished with the highest amount in Research Activity by the Department and the second highest across the entire University. Over the past 10 years, it has been pioneering with excellent work and results, while also standing out for the following distinctions and awards:

• Invited speeches/participation in international conferences/exhibitions/festivals
• Chairing the organizing committee of an international conference/exhibition/festival
• Participation in scientific/artistic committees of international conferences/exhibitions/festivals
• Αwards for distinguished research activity
• Editorial duties and/or reviewer for scientific journals
• Publications in scientific journals
• Awards and distinctions
• Involvement in research projects at local, international, and global levels of immense competition
• Cooperation with international partners and organisations for the implementation of joint research projects and initiatives

These achievements highlight the continuous dedication and the high scientific and cultural contribution of the laboratory in the field of digital cultural heritage, enhancing the reputation of the University at the global level.

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